We love having experienced cavers visit and enjoy our caves. But be warned that we are a small club and it’s difficult for us to accommodate all of the visiting cavers (we get many).

Some general info is provided below. Please get in contact if you want more information.

Trip list

If you’re just passing through and you are experienced, you are welcome to join one of our organised trips. You can view our trip list here:

We update it semi-regularly. If you’re interested, please contact the trip organiser directly. Other caving trips happen at shorter notice, but you’ve got to be here and already in contact with club members to be included.

Becoming a member

We don’t usually require you to be a member if you’re just passing through. But if you’re here for more than a few weeks we usually expect you to sign up. You can do so here:

People are much more likely to let you join a trip if you’re a member.

Introducing yourself

The best way to get involved and join a trip is to come along to a monthly meeting and introduce yourself in person. They’re the third Thursday of every month, details are on the trip list (see link above).


The club does hire equipment, but usually only to club members or participants on a trip being hosted by a club member. In our experience visiting cavers who are serious about making the most of their time bring their own gear.

Caving hut

We do have a club hut on Takaka Hill. Club members or NZSS members are welcome to use it. It’s not usually made available to visiting cavers or members of the public unless you know a club member well. We occasionally make exceptions for visiting cavers with definite plans and who are members of their own country’s national caving body. Any questions, please contact the hut officer. Contact details for the hut officer are on our website.

Harwood’s Hole

We get a lot of people asking to be taken down Harwood’s Hole. If we took everyone down who asked we’d be doing it full time! It’s a serious caving trip. Come along on some other club trips and try sweet talking a club member into taking you or giving you more info. Unfortunately there are no commercial operators. If you’re experienced cavers who want to do the trip independently, get in touch and we can provide you with some information.

Cave maps/info

We can supply maps but only for cavers with definite plans and who are members of their own country’s national caving body. The maps cannot be distributed further or published. For conservation and safety reasons we don’t hand out cave maps to the general public (sorry!).